AA Universal Technologies, Founded in 2008, John and storeDavid started this company with one concept in mind, when we make promises to our customers, we put it in writing. Too many times they have heard from clients that the previous service company promised everything and the moon, but failed to deliver, or ended up changed the terms of their agreement because they never honored their “business handshake”. That is how our business slogan became “Let’s get it on paper”.





In 2010, we implemented our own unique service program powered by Xerox’s MPS Program. We offer the “PageBank” program. An all inclusive service where there is no outlay of funds for new equipment and our program members only pay for the pages they print.





And last but not least, most of our clients arebank automatically approved for financing because WE provide the capital (not the banks). This means that there is much less paper work, no third party billing from high-priced business equipment leasing companies, and substantial savings compared to companies that charge excessive interest. Each client receives ONE bill/detailed statement, covering their equipment service needs with one payment for one contract. Our financing programs reduce each client’s capital outlay, enabling them to obtain the appropriate level of equipment they need to operate effectively and efficiently.