Our Partner Program from AA Universal Toners & Technologies is designed for Agents, Independent Consultants, and other technology companies that need to add residual revenue products and services to their bottom line without having to acquire new equipment, pay for expensive training courses, or lack adequate capital resources to complete business solutions in today’s demanding business environment. 

All our products and solutions enable our Partners to obtain modest re-occurring revenues while saving their clients money. 

  • Leasing & remote service contracts with Copiers / Printers, & Fax services
  • Web Site Hosting Services
  • Merchant Credit Card Processing, Terminals, Payment Gateways, & Supplies
  • Custom Printing Services, Graphic Design, and Marketing Services
  • Cloud Backup and Cloud Sync Services
  • VOIP phone & fax services. 
  • Manufacturer Product Bonuses
  • Internet Service Provider Services

Our Technology Brokers can assist with inside sales, product quotes, and contract proposals.