Voip RI

VOIP in Rhode Island

What is VOIP?

VOIP means “Voice over Internet Protocol”.  You many of heard of Vonage, Magic Jack, or Ooma.  These are similar services to what we offer for business class VOIP.

Our VoIP phone systems exist on your computer network, or we can install a new network which could also help manage your current printing services, merchant credit card payments systems, and other technology products/services. The team is dedicated to assist with cost cutting appropriate office solutions, maintaining your existing equipment, and provide upgrades that will increase productivity.


Common problems associated with any VOIP system is network speed, digital packet loss, and internet congestion. Typically problems occur due to the Internet Service provider being used or speed plan purchased.


Services we can offer on our Hosted PBX Solution:

Hunt-Groups, Call Transfer, Call Parking, BLF / Presence, WEB and/or Phone Voicemail, IMAP Server for email clients, Message Waiting, Call Recording, Auto Attendant, Teleconferencing, Call Forwarding, Follow-Me Feature, NAT Traversal, Abbreviated Dialing, and Automated provisioning of SIP phones.

We offer flat based pricing as well as metered call pricing.