Imagine the next evolution of how the printed page can be faxed. When you decided to use our electronic fax services you can enjoy:

  1. No per page charges,
  2. No annual Membership fees
  3. No overage charges
  4. No long term contracts.

Like many other popular fax services, you can receive faxes directly into your email box. With one major exception, we offer extremely competitive rates.

  • Internet Fax Limited:           $6.99  for up to 100 pages per month
  • Internet Fax Basic:               $10.99 for up to 500 pages per month.
  • Internet Fax Standard:        $15.99 for up to 1000 pages per month.
  • Internet Fax Pro:                  $22.99 for up to 2500 pages per month
  • Internet Fax Unlimited:       $29.99   No limit of pages.
  • Enterprise Fax Unlimited:   “Ask for Quote”

We do not charge by the page, but if you go over your limit by more than 5%, we upgrade your account to the next level.  No requirement to pay for more than what you use.

AA Universal Technologies measures a “fax page” as the number of actual pages that were included in the inbound fax.  If you were to receive a 5 page document as an inbound fax, only 5 pages will be credited to your account. Meanwhile many online fax services that charge customers based on the number of minutes. We’ve simplified our billing system to ensure our customers can use the service without the worry of having to “count fax pages”

Call our Sales Team @ 401-495-1000   To setup your account today.