AA Universal Technologies “Just Add Paper” program was created so that we can offer our Laser Printer Repair customers, a service program designed around the purchasing of compatible toner cartridges, whereby they earn free laser printer repair service credit for their office equipment.

There are many different manufacturers who create toner cartridges with several layers of quality including: Refill, Re-Manufactured, Off Brand, and Generic Compatibles. All toner cartridges are not created equal, even the OEM versions have some sort of re-use or recycling done.

Through our research, we have found there are a group of re-manufactured toner cartridges that have a very low defective rate. When you combine that defective rate with our “Just Add Paper” program, our customers can be confident that their office equipment will be up and running meanwhile enjoying the lower cost of supplies instead of spending much more at a name brand supplies store.

Compatible Toner Cartridges that we offer are like new OEM toner cartridges. They have been tested for page yield, print quality and density.

AA Universal Technologies “Just Add Paper” program warranties the cartridge, and extends life of your printer as well.  Free Laser printer repair service of your office equipment is included in the price of the cartridge!  If you are using a Compatible Toner Cartridge sold by AA Universal Technologies and if  your printer requires service, the “Just Add Paper” qualified office equipment will be serviced for free. All labor is included.

Why buy a toner cartridge from a Office Supplies store, when you can buy a quality ensured toner cartridge that includes free Laser Printer Repair Service?

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