Send Unlimited faxes via Web Browser. PC-FAX lets you stream line your business by not having fax machines and phone lines, even as your contacts continue to send and receive faxes in their customary way. Plus, PC-FAX can be used anywhere you have access to your email or a computer


Benefitsfax ban

  • You will have the ability to send & receive faxes from any computer

  • Send multiple Faxes at once to your Fax List.

  • No Equipment, paper, nor ink required.  (We Know! We lose money by offering this!)

  • Speedier faxing process

  • Lower your phone bill by not having a dedicated phone line

  • Faxes may be received even when a computer is turned off


  • Send faxes via Web Browser.

  • Received faxes via PDF attachment to your email

  • No cost per page charges

  • No storage charges

  • Port your own phone number or we can provide one for you!


  • $179.99 / Year  No Overcharges, No Page Counts.


For more information give us a call @ 401-495-1000